Congratulations! Yeeilin Cantu, winner of our Summer Showdown.

Know whats cooler than being cool? A YETI 🙂 (seriously you guys these things are GREAT!)

As the weather begins to cool down, we just keep heating up! This month, Executive Marketing Group organized our annual ” EMG SUMMER SHOWDOWN”; an opportunity for all of our entry-level representatives to compete against one another not only for a set prize, but also for the bragging rights of being our TOP CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE!


This year, Yeeilin Cantu, took home a YETI cooler that we hope can help keep her chilled as she participates in our company events! She’ll definitely be the “cool” kid in the office! Thank you Yeeilin for all of your hard work, and we hope to see more greatness from you as we continue our journey.